Now that winter is upon us, there are a lot of people interested in radiant floor heat and radiant heat flooring. However, most people have no idea how much it can cost or how to install it. Here are some of the questions being asked by people on the Internet about radiant heat floors:

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13) Can you install radiant heat flooring under carpet
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25) How you install your boiler to heat the floor

Those are just some of the types of questions people are asking about radiant heat floors and how you get them. While some of those questions cannot really be answered in a sentence or two, many of them can and next time I will give the answers to as many of those questions a possible.


When you walk in a room with heated floors you really notice the difference. What kind of floors are heated like that? The only way to make that happen is by installing radiant heated floors. There are two kinds of methods you can use to get heated floors and they are electric radient heat and hydronic radiant heat. If you want to read more about each one here are some links:

Electric radiant heated floors

Hydronic radiant heated floors

Radiant heat floors are not cheap to install and it is always better if you put it in as the house is being built. You can install it later if you choose and in that case the electric heat is much easier and cheaper to put in than hydronic radiant heat. If you are interested in finding out the costs please go here: cost of radiant heat floors