Winter is soon to be upon us and so the interest in all types of heating options is increasing. You might be looking into installing a wood burning stove or thinking about installing radiant heat. Search volume in Google is rising for terms like like: radiant heat flooring, radient heat, how much does a new boiler cost, how much does radiant floor heating cost, how much does it cost to install heated floors, need to know to install radiant system, how much does a radent system cost, how much does radiant heating cost, radiant heat tips, radiant floor heat, cheap radiant floor heat, radiant heat floor hydronic, and radiant heat flooring cost.

Clearly people are interested in knowing more about radiant heat. First of all, there is not really anything like cheap radiant heat and that is especially true if you don't already have it installed in your house or home. If you are wondering about how much it costs to install, please see how much does radiant heat cost to give you an idea of the per room costs of both electric and hydronic radient heat.

Electric radiant heat is always cheaper to install because you can put electric pads or mats under the floors. With a hydronic radiant heat system, you need to get water pipes under the floors which is much harder and more costly. That said, it is always cheaper and easier to install either type of radiant heat system while you are building a house instead of after. If your house is already built and you are thinking of having radiant heat installed, electric becomes the clear choice because it is so much simpler to install.

Once you have radiant heat installed though, from that point on it becomes cheaper than the normal forced air you find in most homes. One reason is that forced air heat drafts all throughout the house and is pushed out the doors and windows as well. Alot of forced air heat is lost and it is not that efficient. With radiant heat there is no pushing the air from room to room. The air is heated from the floor and slowly rises. There is no percetible air flow which is real nice.

Radiant heat is a gentle heat like the warmth of the sun and that is why it is the preferred heat if people have a choice. The high costs of installation prevent most homeowners from installing it unfortunately. Radiant heat floors, even if only installed in the bathrooms and kitchen, will raise the value of a home and make it easier to sell. This is an added benefit down the road if you are thinking about installing radiant floor heat in your house.