One of the biggest questions everyone has about installing radiant floor heating is the cost. Just how much will it cost to put in either hydronic or electric radiant heat under the floors of your house? Of course it would have been best to have it put in as the house was being built but not too many homes are built that way now.

It is going to be expensive to put in heated floors throughout the whole house and that is why few people do it. No matter what kind of radiant heat floors you put in the price will be high. That is why most people decide to install it in the master bathroom. Some people also have radient heat put in under their kitchen floors too.

The cheapest radiant heat supplies are going to involve electric pads that you install under the floors. These pads heat up like the coals of a toaster and produce heat which is felt under your feet. The feeling of warm floors, especially in the cold mornings, is why people love these heated floors.

The problem is that very few people are able to install something like in floor heat themselves. Not only does it involve ripping up the floors but it also involves electric wiring and putting it all together so that it doesn't catch fire. This is not something the normal handy man can do.

Likewise, hydronic radiant heat is even tougher and more expensive to install as it involved putting piping under the floors and running hot water through the pipes. This is definitely something that is way beyond the scope of most do it yourselfers.

Radiant floor heat needs to be installed by a heating professional and you can get quotes for this by having someone come out to your house to take a look. One of the best places online you can find reliable contractors is at Angie's List. There you can find a rating on all the home service companies in your area as rated by other users. If you want unbiased reviews of your local contractors, give them a try. You should be able to find the best company in your city to install those radiant heated floors.