Radiant heat floors are gaining popularity now and especially in winter more people are interested in finding out how much they cost. Usually, radiant heat is used only in a few rooms of the house while it is rare to find a whole house that is solely heated that way. If the whole house is heated with radient heat, it is most often accomplished with a hydronic system. Hydronic radiant heat means that pipes are cemented in concrete under the house and warm water is pushed through them.

Often people want radiant heat under their bathroom floors and not their whole house. This is because most bathroom floors are cold and hard being made out of tile, vinyl, or some other cold substance. Your other option for heating a small room like the bathroom might be dimplex oil filled radiators but most people want the heated floors. In a bathroom or any one room that you choose for radiant heat, electric radiant heat is the cheapest and easiest to install. You do not have to set up an elaborate system of pipes under the floors like you would with hydronic heat.

Electric radiant heat floors are more expensive than a forced air system but over time the investment will be more than recouped. Assuming a room of average size, it will probably cost you somewhere between $500 and $800 to have bathroom radiant heat put in. Electric heating pads can be put under floors which are made of tile, wood, carpet, or stone. This radiant heat will give your bathroom floors an evenly distributed heat which will be wonderful to wake up to every morning as you walk into your formerly cold bathroom.

If you want to have electric bathroom radiant heat installed, you should be able to find professional installers all across the United States. If you are a handyman type person and good with do it yourself projects, you may be able to do it yourself. You might be warned though that in many cities you are required by law to be a professional before you install something like radiant foor heat pads yourself.