If you have a cold basement that just won't heat up like the rest of the house, you have a bit of a problem. In order to get it warm enough to enjoy, you will probably have to crank up the heat in the whole house which is both expensive and unpractical.

Basement in floor heating might be the option you are looking for because it will have it's own separate system that will effectively heat the room. Radiant heat is great for any room that in naturally cold or has especially cold floors. It is also a great addition to any room that you want to have additional heat or a heating system that is not connected to the central heating.

Typically, people choose to install in floor heat in rooms like the master bathroom, the kitchen, a child's room, and basements. The only thing people really don't like about radiant heat is the cost of installation.

If you want basement in floor heat, your easiest choice is electric radiant heat. For houses and rooms that are already built, electric heat will always be easier to install and cheaper than hydronic heat. The pipe system of hydronic heat makes it't initial cost prohibitive for some and it is a big job to get all the pipes in.

Electric basement in floor heat is a great choice if you want your basement to have it's own heat and you want to use the room for a game room or any other type of family use. When you feel the difference in the air and the gentle warmth of radiant heat in the winter, you will be glad you made the change.

In floor heating can, by itself turn an almost unusable cold basement room into a place the whole family can enjoy no matter what the temperature is outside. The in floor heating cost will be something you can rack up to an investment in your home and it will undoubtedly make your house easier to sell when that time comes. So many people have cold and dark unfinished basements that just go to waste. A little light and heat can make them a favorite gathering room in the house.

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