The Benefits of Radiant Floor Heat

Radiant floor heat is widely known as the most comfortable and efficient alternative heating method available. More than ever before, homebuilders, househunters, and home renovators are looking for energy efficient heating options for houses. Radient heat is very much like sun warmth: it is natural, silent, draft-less, and odorless. Radiant heat is the best way to warm your floors and make a comfortable environment. It is rapidly gaining popularity due to its increased comfort level and energy efficiency.

When we stand on a cold floor or next to a cold wall, we feel cold. When your floor is warm, your feet are warm too. Radient floor heat offers the most efficient and comfortable living conditions in any climate. You will find that heating mats and other techniques are easy to install with the complete instructions available for underfloor heating installations.

Energy efficiency is more important than ever as energy costs are rising and the forecast is for costs to continue to rise. An energy efficient radiant heating system will save you money every month and add resale value to your home. This is because the amount of energy required to create and maintain a comfortable temperature at our feet is significantly less than compared to forced air.

When you stand in the sun, you feel radiant heat. Is it simply warm air that is reaching you. Radiant heat is effectively absorbed throughout the body from head to toe creating a much more powerful, stimulating effect in the skin. Radient heat is hidden under the floor or in the walls so your heating system is completely invisible. With today’s technology, radiant floor heat is clearly the best overall choice for your home or business heating system.

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