Radiant Heat Feels Like The Sun

If you want to know what radiant heat feels like, imagine a bright sunshine on a spring day. It feels like warmth from the sun that is natural, even, silent, draft-less, and odorless. The effect of radiant heat is nearly instantaneous and even throughout the room when you switch it on in your home. Radiant heat is gaining popularity because of its increased comfort level and energy efficiency.

Whether your house is traditional, or modern in design, radiant floor heat is the most economical method for heating because it can reduce your home's energy needs up to 40% over conventional heating systems. Because the average home is large and very poorly insulated, it requires multiple zones and large heating sources or multiple heating sources. Radiant heat floors enable the heat to be hidden below the floor, so there are no baseboards, radiators, or air ducts to get in the way.

Electric radiant heat is a clean and energy efficient way to warm houses, condos, and cabins. Whichever system of radiant floor heat you choose, electric or hydronic, the benchmark of this type of heat is even, consistent heat. The technology of radiant heat is very old and even the Romans used this technology and referred it as Hypocaust heating. Basically, radiant heat is the transfer of heat from a warm surface to a cooler surface.

Because radiant heat does not blow, it helps greatly for those with allergies and asthma. Many contractors still think radiant heat floors are too difficult to retrofit into existing homes with some other type of heating system. If you find a good contractor who is familiar with radiant heat and radient floor heat, he will know how to install it for you.

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