Radiant Floor Heat – The Different Methods

Radiant floor heat is achieved by inserting panels in the floor which are heated in one of three ways:

· By electrical circuits
· By water in pipes (hydronic)
· By air ducts in the panels

The biggest benefit to using a radiant heat floor system is comfort. While a system that uses forced air delivers heat that rises to the ceiling, a radient floor heat system emits heat from the floor and is able to deliver heat more evenly throughout a house or building. There are also many other benefits to radiant floor heat that will be discussed in future articles:

· Radient floor heat is totally silent.
· A Radiant heat floor is invisible as you don't see any vents on the floors or ceilings.
· There are usually energy savings. A radiant heat floor evenly distributes heat throughout a house which can allow your thermostat to be set 2-4° less than with a forced air system.
· You will have a healthier home. This is a major benefit of radiant floor heat. With forced air systems, you are constantly spreading dust , germs, and pollen as well as pumping in dry air which is bad for your skin. Not only is dry air bad for your skin but it is uncomfortable too when your skin is dry and flakey.

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