Radiant Floor Heat - The Friendly Heat

One of the nice things about radiant floor heat is that it greets you right from the instant you get out of bed. The morning is usually cold and at least the floors are warm.

Unfortunately, most new houses come with forced air heating. When you get up in the morning you turn on the heat and you hear it being forced out of all the vents in the house. The air moves from room to room and the heating is very uneven. Forced air also is very bad for your skin as it pumps dry air into the house all day. As you get older, the dry heat affects you more as your skin naturally becomes dryer with age. The forced air heat only makes the problem worse.

Radient floor heat is much better health wise as it doesn't push air from room to room like a forced air system does. A radiant heat floor slowly and silently heats the floors which in turn heats the air. The heating is done very evenly and efficiently. Since there is no moving air from room to room, dust and allergens are less likely to be a problem. If you wanted you could install a wood burning boiler system to do much the same thing but that would be expensive as well.

Another benefit to radient floor heat is that it is less likely to lose air to the outside when you open a door. Forced air heating also forces air outside when you open a door. This doesn't happen with electric or hydronic radiant heating.

When considering whether to install radiant floor heat, you need to take into consideration whether the house is new or existing construction. Hydronic floor heat is usually only an option if the house is being built. Electric radiant floor heat is better suited to put into existing homes as it is much easier to install.

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