Radiant Floor Heat - Electric Radiant Heat

Electric radiant floor heat works with electric wiring. Have you ever looked into your toaster to see what makes it hot? It is heated electirc wires that become very hot and this is the same concept that can heat your home.

Special mats with radiant floor heat cables or panels with wires are put under the floors of your home. These are attached to an electrical circuit with a control that can be turned on and off. This control is usally connected to a thermostat so that a constant temperature can be achieved.

If cables are used, they are often submerged in cement. Cables are most often used in floors which are tile or stone.

Electricity is historically expensive and for this reason most homes that have electric radiant heat floors have them only in the bathrooms and kitchen. Any room with stone or tile floors may also be a candidate for this type of heat because it is nice to walk on warm floors rather than cold ones.

Because special mats and foils can be used in many cases. electric radient floor heat is often the easier choice when considering what type of radiant heat to install. Electric radient heat is the clear choice for an existing home both for its ease of installation and the cost.

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